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Sunteți pe pagina 1din 2 Căutați în document Julien Manifesto Opening Opening is the least important part of the game Three rules when opening 1.

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Lower your time of reaction 2. Instead of calibrating before, start calibrating after the fact 3. Set the frames of the interaction from the start man to woman Physicality Strong eye contact Breaking rapport tonality Be clear in your intent: thoughts, words and actions aligned Comfort is having no filters Be yourself, but dont worry about the outcome Hooking After opening, your objective is to reach the hook point Indicator: anime eyes Sometimes set will automatically hook after your opener, other times you need to plow You want the girl, but you dont need the girl Set the rhythm of the interaction: you want her to be reacting to you First min: short, breaking rapport: Hey, whats your name, cool, what do you, etc.

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Roleplay hey, this is my gf, this is my sistermakeout! Get her to emotionally invest You can go if you want to What Next?

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Find out the logistics 1. Who are you here with?

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What are you doing tomorrow? Where do you live? Take responsibility, give her bits and rsd todd dating online to rationalize why its ok Interese conexe.

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