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But what about security? If we continue on the road of all bundles equal virgo man single standard OSGi framework, won't it eventually be very hard to keep the separation?

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For instance we must really guard the "customer service token" if that is leaked it would be really easy to access another customers virgo man single. Please also develop your ideas on extending another component framework.

That aspect of securing an application has little to do with OSGi, you'd have to do it anyway.

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The second question is, do you want to enforce certain security constraints within the OSGi framework? Ultimately, if you do, you need to use the security part of the OSGi specification not enabled by default, a separate extension for Apache Felix for example.

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Regarding the customer security token, if that's something you intend to expose outside of OSGi, it definitely needs to be guarded. You can use your own XML format, or annotations, or even another Java API that would automate much of the dependency generation for example, adding filters on customer contexts.

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Note that I wrote that dependency manager, so obviously I'm biased. Consider a series of web application where you provide access control using a single sign-on SSO infrastructure.

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The user authenticates once using the SSO-server, and - when a request comes in - the target web application asks the SSO server whether the user is still authenticated and determines itself if the user is authorized.

The authorization information might also be provided by the SSO server as well. Now think of your application bundles as mini-applications.

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Although they're not web applications, would it still not make sense to have some sort of SSO bundle using SSO techniques to do authentication and to provide authorization information? Every application bundle would have to be developed or configured to use the SSO bundle to validate the authentication SSO tokenand validate authorization by asking the SSO bundle if the user is allowed to access this application bundle.

The SSO bundle maintains some sort of session repository, and also provides user properties, e. This way you also wouldn't pass trough a meaningful "customer service token", but rather a cryptic SSO-token that is supplied and managed by the SSO bundle.