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This post replicates the itinerary that we took as part of our Summer travels to Eastern Europe. The most popular beach resorts sprawl along the Black Sea coast north and south of the city, but Varna itself has a wide, sandy beach, lined with trendy bars which pulsate into the early hours of the morning throughout the summer months.

Running along the seafront is the more sedate Sea Garden, a popular landscaped public park.

Никто не выглядел обрадованным его возвращением, с легкой грустью подумал Элвин. Совет, тем не менее, приветствовал его вполне корректно - хотя и не только из чистого дружелюбия. Именно Элвин вызвал этот кризис, но, с другой стороны, только он и мог сообщить сведения, на основе которых можно было строить будущую политику.

In the roads beyond the tourist information centre and the cathedral, the city becomes more work-a-day. The park is dotted with sculptures, shady trees, cafes and restaurants.

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Retro Museum in Varna Soak up history at the Roman Baths The remains of the Odessos 2nd century thermal baths now lie in the heart of Varna, surrounded by socialist-designed apartment buildings, a juxtaposition I always find striking. Communist monuments If you are keen on communist-era statues, make sure you visit the Monument of the Bulgarian-Soviet Friendship in Varna.

Although not connected to the socialist-era it was erected inthe Alley quirky dating events londra Cosmonauts, which includes a statue of Yuri Gagarin, is nearby the pantheon and also worth seeing. A friend recently stayed at Hostel Musala and while she rated the atmosphere and aesthetics, complained that the walls were ridiculously thin, so it was noisy.

On our most recent visit to Varna, we stayed in this one-bedroom apartmentwhich we would recommend. We especially liked the pink Formica kitchen and purple and lime green sofa!

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The owner was friendly and responsive and spoke good English. The family live in the same building, so are around if you need anything. The only potential issue was a construction site on the bedroom side of the apartment.

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  • Планета, к которой они приближались - красивый шар, залитый разноцветными лучами - была теперь в каких-нибудь нескольких миллионах километров.
  • Элвин как раз частично перестраивал свою комнату, когда в его ушах раздался звук колокольчиков.

If you prefer a hotel with a retro theme and a great location, try the Hotel Odessos. Long-distance buses serve Sofia and other cities in Bulgaria.

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Coming from Bucharest, Ruse, just over the border in Romania, is worth a visit and there are direct buses from Ruse to Varna. Obtaining information at Varna bus station was difficult. No one at the information booths spoke any English which surprised us for such a popular resort destination and we got sent from one counter to another.

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What we could ascertain was that there are buses from Varna to Odessa which go via Constanta but no one would sell us a ticket in advance. After a further enquiry at the Tourist Information Centre in town, we learnt there was a daily minibus service from Varna to Constanta which left from the street in front of Varna cathedral at around 1.

The staff at the TIC told us to be there at 1 pm and get the ticket directly from the driver.


Seeking further confirmation of our options, I found a website for the company with contact details. We were told to be waiting between 1. We had to check out of our apartment so we thought we might as well wait on a shady bench by the cathedral.

A quick response providing us with the vehicle registration number confirmed it would be there in 10 minutes. Sure enough, it was. Although only three of us got quirky dating events londra the bus in Varna an Algerian guy appeared at the last minute!

Our route: Varna – Constanta – Tulcea – Sulina – Braila – Galati – Cahul – Chisinau

The short story is that getting from Varna to Constanta by bus is easy when you have the know-how! The name of the bus company is Mercado Sud and all the information is on their website in Romanian only.

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The service may only operate between April and September. This was our main reason for wanting to visit Constanta, a city on the Romanian Black Sea coast.

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Although Constanta has a history dating back some 2, years — Jason and the Argonauts are said to have visited after finding the Golden Fleece — these days, it is mainly sun-seekers that flock to the resort town. What to do in Constanta Admire Constanta Casino The original casino was wooden and dates back to but it was redesigned in Art Nouveau style in and is a stunning piece of architecture.

Despite this, the casino is worth seeing from the outside.

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Constanta Casino Stroll along Constanta Seafront Promenade and Beach The casino sits at the end of a sweeping seafront promenade, perfect for a stroll. During the summer months, music festivals are held on the beach.

All of which of course is further evidence that really will be the year that the whole global warming chabang comes crashing down around the ankles of the doomsday brigade. We at Bucharest In Your Pocket love a good winter. We have said it many times before, but the city never looks better than when covered in snow. It remains to be seen what February and March hold: probably a little bit of everything.

The square is a popular meeting place and a connecting point between the town and the seafront. The old synagogue looked like it would have once been an impressive building, and online photos showed it looking very attractive in its current abandoned state.

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Sadly, a couple of angry fmf dating halted our attempts at getting a closer look.