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Review-uri 0 This is the story, in her own words, of a woman who grew up in a dictatorial and oppressive religious society--one where individuals were told huttertite dating swearing allegiance to the society got them to heaven. But God found this young woman and opened her heart and spirit to the truth of Jesus Christ and faith in him only.

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Esther Stahl was born a Hutterite in Montana, and this is the story of what her life was like in a Hutterite colony, where huttertite dating is owned by the colony and all major and many minor decisions are dictated by the Preacher and the Boss, down to the clothes that are worn and the structure of the homes.

Esther grew up dealing with death within her family, oppression by tradition, ridicule and rejection from others, superstitions, and witchcraft. As a teenager, she accepted Christ and had to stand for that faith almost immediately.

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This is her story, from birth and childhood, through school, teenage years, and young adulthood, until she found the courage and means to leave her heritage, go to Bible school, and establish a life and family outside the colony.

It is a story of perseverance, faith, and victory.

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Claudia Asks for a Car - American Colony: Meet the Hutterites

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