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This has been the case in a lot of titles in the past that ran just fine on older hardware. A massive open world filled with people, vehicles, buildings, various little bits of detritus and debris that all has real physics and geometry, incredible lighting systems in an entire city.

Cyberpunk is definitely going guy dating diag be extremely demanding. However, because it's using an updated and modified RED Engine, similar to the engine used in Witcher 3, I believe that it will be very well optimized and run on a bevy of hardware.

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Now, there have been some very bad rumors going around saying you'll need an i7 and a ti to run the game. You should not believe these rumors, they were taken from the specs used to run the game at E3 last year for the demo.

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Cyberpunk 's official system requirements have not been released to the public, yet. Though is only optional. The game may still support DX But still not an i7 k and a ti.

At the time of this writing, only the XT existed. I firmly believe the and even the would be capable of playing Cyberpunk at p very easily.

Of course if you have anything in between these specs you will be fine in guy dating diag the game.

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Maybe if you had aor aor aor something similar. You should not worry about running the game at p.

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Now, p and 4k, those are completely different stories. I would not be surprised if a ti was required for p 60fps on ultra settings.

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And an RX with Ray Tracing enabled. Please share this thread with people who are concerned with their systems and running this game.

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You still have ten months to upgrade and build a new PC. These predicted system requirements come from years of PC Gaming, building PCs for myself, and other people, and playing and testing games on a vast number of systems and configurations.