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Shure Beta 87A Condenser vocal microphone Because of its high precision and attention to detail as well as its natural vocal reproduction, the Beta 87 was already the first choice of artists and sound engineers around the world. This classic is now available in a new design under the name Beta 87 A. At the request of many users, Shure has thickened the shaft of this microphone for a more comfortable grip. The Shure Beta 87 A is a high-quality, permanently polarized condenser microphone with supercardioid characteristics for vocal pickup, which is characterized by an exceptionally linear transmission range and high sound pressure resistance.

It is used in professional sound reinforcement, in radio and in studio recordings and combines excellent sound quality with the robustness required for tour and outdoor productions. The Beta 87 A has a bass roll-off that compensates for the proximity effect and prevents the dreaded boom during close-ups.

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The typical Shore presence raises the upper mid-range, while the supercardioid pattern ensures maximum isolation from other sound sources such as vocals or instruments and only allows minimal off-axis sound colouration. One of the toughest, most reliable, and highest quality condenser vocal microphones in the world Supercardioid polar pattern Linear transmission range for precise, detailed and true to original song and speech transmission.

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Extremely precise supercardioid characteristic over the entire frequency range for the greatest possible feedback resistance with maximum amplification. Built-in, three-layer wind protection minimizes pop and breathing noises. Current consumption: max.

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