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A week before the performance we had a talk with the soloist on Russia, his childhood, relationship with his father, love for music and the decision to start a singing career.

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Is it your first visit to Russia? Have you already been to this country? Do you like it? Yes, I was fortunate enough to visit Moscow once in the summer of in July. I love Russia for its amazing culture in music, for its amazing composers and musicians with their unrivaled discipline, lyrical voices, history, architecture, vodka and caviar especially caviar. Also Russian is a very beautiful language. And dating super junior it has the most gorgeous women in the world!

What is your opinion of Russian opera singers? Are they different from other singers or not?

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Your country has given the world of opera magnificent voices in all vocal ranges: sopranos, tenors, mezzos, baritones and basses. No category has been spared. Of course they are different.

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They are foremost extremely disciplined, they sing with very dating super junior taste, technique and come from a superior school as far as their performance goes. Also the quality of their voices is very particular and beautiful.

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Do you remember at what age you started taking interest in music and art? Was it due to your parents, father in particular, who wanted you to go into the world of classical music? At around 8 or 9 I could sing by memory many arias of opera and specially tenor roles… then at the age of 10 our 11 I began playing the piano by ear! Then my parents decided it was time for me to start dating super junior piano lessons.

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Nobody ever really pushed me in any one particular direction… if they saw an interest from my part they would just provide the means and the technique basically.

The genre of music was never predetermined. But yes, at the beginning we were aiming at a more classical training.

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Did you want to be an opera singer? Not really! I knew I had a very hard act to follow in my father and also I never had the real discipline to study for classical voice training. My real profession is composing and producing whereas singing is actually a hobby but it seems that quite a few people like it.

What was it like to work with grown-up singers in a studio? Do you remember this experience?

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I recall every experience very vividly. Unlike your father, you are better known as a song writer, a producer and a composer. The first CD with your songs appeared only in Why did you decide to start your singing career after all these years of working in other fields?

Because one day he needed to learn some songs that I composed and he asked me to record them for him. I just sing by instinct and with my heart. Of course, having listened to my father for so many years gave me an idea of how it should be done but the public ultimately decides., Autor la - Pagina a lui

Do comparisons with your father irritate you? Could you tell us about your relationships with your father? To me the one person that can tell me if Viteză dating totos bristol should sing or not is really my father. I have a beautiful relationship with my father. Who is your favorite composer and why? Definitely Giacomo Puccini!

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His melodies are heart wrenching and his orchestrations are super rich and powerful. His music communicates to me like no other. He is the best operatic composer by far. What do you think of the singing technique nowadays?

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Is it far more advanced as it was, for instance, years ago? The right technique is always the one that will allow you to have a long career and will not damage your vocal chords.

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Everybody is different. But the basics must be there, regardless of technique.