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Who are we? Where can we be found? The services listed are often performed in conjunction with this Chief Directorate. A consular official will be available to provide specialised guidance and assistance after hours and over weekends.

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The services we provide: In brief, Consular Services describe the services and assistance the Embassy is able to provide for South African citizens abroad. Our services are available on weekdays, Monday — Friday excluding public holidays during consular office hours — After hours services will only be rendered in the case of an emergency.

Emergency consular services describe services rendered in the case of distress, serious illness or death of a South African citizen abroad, natural disasters and evacuation where South African florida dating de viteză are involved.

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It excludes any enquiries of a general nature. Where there is evidence that the health and safety of the child is in jeopardy, the matter is treated as an emergency; Kidnapping and dating online în pretoria taking covers forcible restrictions on the freedom of movement of all persons. We provide guidance and advice to affected citizens and their families; We provide non-financial assistance and support to defrauded South African citizens and we report scams and other fraudulent activities to the South African Police Service; We provide invigilation services to foreigners and South African citizens to write exams with registered South African academic institutions i.

UNISA exams. We maintain a register of South African citizens residing in Romania. This register is kept to enable the Embassy to communicate with its citizens when necessary. This service is rendered to ensure that South Africans who have been arrested, detained or imprisoned under foreign jurisdictions understand their rights and the services that can be provided by the South African Government.

Prisoners are defined as persons who have been tried, convicted and sentenced. Dating online în pretoria on specific circumstances, contact will be in person, in writing, by telephone or through appropriate intermediaries; We endeavour to visit South African citizens in prison once every three months. The information and advice will be of a general nature. This office is not in a position to provide specialised advice. The information will often be in the form of directives for the enquirer to the relevant department or institution.

No private company will be favoured. These subjects include but are not limited to customs regulations, civil aviation, taxation, pensions, social and legal services, travel, banking and education.

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These processes include but are not limited to requests for extradition, rogatory letters, edictal citations and evidence on commission. The address to be used is: 26 Stirbei Voda st. A valid form of identification, i. When in doubt, you are advised to contact the office before requesting a service.

It may save you time later. You can also visit our website for more information. Our service standards: The Consular Section at the South African Embassy in Bucharestis committed to providing an effective and efficient service to all our customers throughout the world, irrespective of national origin, age, gender or religious orientation.

dating online în pretoria

Our commitment is to service that can be clearly determined and measured at all times in terms of sensitivity, empathy, courtesy, speed, accuracy and fairness. The services listed in the Schedules are meant to be generic and the listing is not intended as a definitive itemisation of the range of requests that consular staff are expected to respond to. The listings will be reviewed from time to time in order to keep it current with changing conditions.

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The reaction times provided in the minimum operational standards are targets based on best efforts and existing conditions. Our ability to meet the stated times in the Service Delivery Standards are, in many instances, governed by factors that are beyond our control.

Notwithstanding, we will make every effort to meet the stated standard. When it is not possible to do so, we will explain to our customers the reasons for not being able to meet the required standards.

dating online în pretoria

It is very important to note that during times of emergencies and disasters these matters will receive preference. During such periods all other consular services rendered may be limited and the timeframes set out in the standards may not be met.

We share information, work as a team to maintain the standards and to achieve our objectives; We execute all reasonable instructions by persons officially assigned to issue them; We execute our duties in a professional, competent and accountable manner; We honour the confidentiality of matters, documents and discussions; We take responsibility for our own work and the work and workflow of the Embassy as a whole; All services rendered shall be communicated to customers in English or the official language of Romania.

All effort is made to avoid error. These restricted hours do not apply to South Africans requiring emergency services. Members of the dating online în pretoria staff will respond to persons telephoning the emergency telephone number requesting emergency services, regardless of the time; The Vienna Convention on Consular Relations, includes corporate customers within its ambit. As such, South African corporate legal entities are entitled to consular services in the same manner as individuals, exclusive of intervention in commercial, civil or criminal disputes where recourse to recognised legal recourse is available.

Corrective measures will be taken. We will respond to all complaints and suggestions received within one week of receipt thereof.

We welcome comments and suggestions on our service and its quality. In return we expect the public to be civil and courteous and to respect the dignity of our officials at all times. Instigate court proceedings or obtain legal advice on behalf of South African citizens. Intervene in local judicial procedures to get South African citizens out of prison, on bail or an early dating online în pretoria.

Pay any expenses on behalf of citizens from State funds, i. Obtain accommodation or any permits i. Conduct investigations related to an offence. Support a South African citizen financially whilst in prison.

dating online în pretoria

Conduct a search without the assistance of local authorities or provide information regarding the whereabouts of a South African citizen without the express consent of that citizen. Assist with the transfer of funds to a citizen who is not in distress.