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It has a lot of elements to it including good graphics, funny characters with storyline clips, puzzles, and limited time challenges with fun rewards.

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I enjoy the whole process of earning gems though puzzles to complete unique room and character makeovers and seeing the final result. In addition to earning gems, i like that you can earn unique clothes and accessories to apply to your own profile model and dressing room.

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So the more friends you add the more hearts you receive everyday. Plus they reward you with a decent amount of diamonds to add extra moves at the end of a difficult level if you need.

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Challenges are awesome anyways, the game would be boring without them. The game dating hair black girl a good mix of easy and difficult puzzles. I have not spent one penny in the game and I have already reached the exclusive levels.

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That is the only negative thing I would say about the game thus far. I hope the producers or developers of the game add more to the storyline soon!

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But, it could be so much better than what it currently is. It needs at least five choices for each clothing item, hairstyle, jewelry, furniture, etc.

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The makeup is very similar instead of like having a natural, an exotic cat eye look, and different eyebrows, lipstick, etc. Many items cost too much, especially considering the games are too difficult without the extra help. The drama is the most annoying.

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The team, including my avatar, should do a daily spin for the outfit they will wear for the day. Each decade would have different styles to discuss and update, including makeup, hair and accessories.

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The game itself is too difficult, especially removing sunglasses. Sometimes the square is removed on the first blast and sometimes the green gingham square needs several blasts.

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It takes the fun out of it. This game is ideal for clothing store ads and even furniture and decor. When the bi g reveal is done at the end, the makeover character should be move excited to see their new space. The dialogue that fits their character and job is the best part.

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I hope my long review has helped. Violet Lily C. Remodeling costs money so everything was fine even if everything costs more than what you could get.

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But the the puzzles became more and more impossible to beat later on. But even the previous rounds, I had to use all of my powerups, and dating hair black girl if I use them I still have one thing left.

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I wanted to play this game so I could relax and remodel stuff, not to get frustrated from getting coins in order to do that.

Pentru informații suplimentare, consultați politica de confidențialitate a dezvoltatorului.

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